Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A BeautiFALL Day

It doesn't get much better than today.
The high temperatures were in the low 70's.

The farmers' market was in full swing with fall produce.

I couldn't resist the colors of the red and green cabbages together.
Mother Nature is a fantastic artist.
I believe the farmer who's wagon I've photographed is named Del.

And I can not think about a farmer named Del without thinking about this joke.

A man took his Dell computer to the shop to get it repaired.
The repairman opened the back and said "I see the trouble. there's a man in there."
The guy said "Don't tell me it's Leonard?"
"No," the repairman said "it's a farmer"!

The colors in this quilt look just like the fall leaves I picked up this week to scan.

This is a small tesselation quilt of fall leaves I am working on.

Click to Mix and Solve
Not only am I back, I've got a puzzle for you!


Anonymous said...

been thinking of you - hope fall is in the air in Wisconsin..... would love some fall here in Texas

Anonymous said...

You must be on vacation,havn't read anything new on your blog lately.I bet you went to N.Mexico to a quilt convention.

Mary said...

I love the tesselating leaves. It remindes me of fall in OK. I've lived in SW TX the last 16 years there is only a couple months of winter and the rest is summer.