Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Trees Too Many

The last two days we have had "entertainment" in the yard.
There were two trees that were huge and past their prime. It was time for them to come down.

The tree trimmers appeared yesterday before noon.

I took this photo from my second floor studio window. This was shortly after he climbed into the tree and started cutting it down. You can see from how high he is if you look at his location (see the red in the tree) and compare it to the buildings, people and fence. All of these photos are clickable so you can see larger photos.

The last time he trimmed one of our trees it made me nervous to watch. This time I almost enjoyed it and also enjoyed watching how they handled each branch as the 2 men on the ground guided it down.

When he would get in places like this it did make me a little nervous.

This position made me nervous too.

I had plans to meet a friend for lunch so off I went leaving "the boss" in charge. When I got home after our 4 hour lunch this was all that remained of the tree.

They were back early this morning to finish taking down the trunk. I caught this photo of the crotch of the tree falling as I took the photo. This was an extremely large piece.

These are some of the pieces of the trunk before they disposed of them.

It is all cleaned up now. Tomorrow they will be back to take down one more tree. It is not even 1/4 the size of this one, but it does have to go.

I really hate to see a tree come down. These trees were in danger of blowing over if we had a bad storm and would have blown over onto the house and shed.

Most of the time when you take a tree down you feel there is an empty space. The rest of our trees are so big and there are so many that you won't miss these. We still will not have sun in the yard for more than a few hours a day in a few very small areas.


Anonymous said...

What kind of tree was the big one? Is that a hole in the middle of the trunk slice? Anyone count the "rings".....

Interesting to see the pics and I can hear the thump as the pieces hit the ground....

This seems to be your summer of maintenance, colosets and now yard...

Eva said...

...yes it seems to have been rotten inside, so it was a danger indeed. It is sad to take a tree down, but some have to be.