Friday, August 27, 2010

Where Do I Begin

My life is continuing to be busy. I am enjoying every day and every minute.

Guests, family, Ladies Who Lunch, selling on eBay, organizing and getting rid of things, enjoying our perfect weather - can it get any better than this?

This was another one of the things in the boxes of my "vintage" clothes from my attic. Jessica loved this and it fit her perfectly. It matched the new sandals she bought that day. The ones she modeled this time were NOT polyester double knit. I can't remember exactly when I made and wore this but it was many years ago! This was one of 3 that went home with her.

I found this shirt I had embroidered for my husband and Blake loved it. It went home with him and he plans to wear it at college.

I am very flattered that my grandchildren love these things and will be wearing them.

I'll try hard to be back with posts more often.


Dolores said...

I had clothes that I made that I know my middle daughter would wear now but alas, they have been given away. There is just so much one can store for so long...

Leigh said...

That dress is adorable!! I would absolutely wear that :)