Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sun Spots?

This is another work in progress that I created at least 10 years ago.
When I made it I was not so sure I liked it.

10 years later it looks a lot better to me! I dye painted a piece of fabric making use of the fact that the dyes will spread slightly. I designed this attic windows quilt to effectively use the piece of fabric I created.

Although I am still keeping busy posting my eBay things, I have found a few moments today to get a few quilts out to layer and get ready for quilting.
Once I have them layered I can work on the quilting in stolen moments now and then.


Eva said...

Sunflowers and trellis? The universe in a picture series? I like this to be so versatile about what it is!

Anonymous said...

Let's not talk sun spots or sun anything until it cooooools off like 70's. Interesting that 10 years on and you still like something.