Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Only Just Begun - Week 4 on eBay

I'm still busy with finding treasures in my closets and auctioning them on eBay.
Sunday evening I listed 26 more pieces.

This week they are ALL BLUE FISH clothing.
Even after I get done selling off a large part of my collection I will still have enough to keep me in style for years to come.

I am parting with some fantastic pieces this week. If I haven't worn it it is time to share it with someone else out there.

This is one of those rare pieces that no one wants to give up. I decided it is time for someone else to enjoy it since I never even wore it. And you are probably asking how could I have enjoyed this if I never wore it?
Well, I enjoy just looking at these special pieces and studying the details and colors.

Another lovely outfit, with each piece for sale separately.

I've tried to do a color or theme story each week. You can see "the rest of the story" for this week at:

I have heard from some of you who had never heard of BLUE FISH clothing.
There is nothing else like it.

I have also received so many thank yous from happy buyers who appreciate the fact that I am offering these things at very affordable prices. So many sellers have the prices so high buyers can't really afford them.

Although the company is still in business in Taos, New Mexico the prices are quite high. But - the clothing is worth it. I like to think of "Cost Per Wearing" when I buy something.

It outlasts any other clothing I have worn. That is why I have so much to part with - it still looks great and is in great condition for the most part. They use organic cotton. They are very environmentally conscious, using each and every scrap and making it into something.

I hope you are enjoying these posts that have nothing to do with quilting but everything to do with color!


Anonymous said...

I only wish they had blue fish clothing for men.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Over the years Blue fish has done a few men's lines.
If and when you can find them on eBay they can be very pricey.
Good luck to you finding some.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just took a look at your auction. I think you might need to correct a word in the description....especially if you don't mind shipping international and helping European buyers find your auction.

The word should be LAGENLOOK
Good luck!