Tuesday, August 3, 2010


How many of you think of the TV show when you hear the word lost?

LOST is the working title of this quilt. I had made some other pieces to go in the center of this and I cannot find them.
I am guessing I might have thought they were scraps and thrown them out.

I often tell people if they make something and they don't like it that they should put it away for 6 months and when they take it out see if they like it then.
That was the case with this quilt. I made the sections but did not put them together.

I put them on the design wall, took a photo and printed it. When I looked at the photo I really liked it. Not six months later, but over 6 years later.
Today I took it out and fused the sections to a piece of batting.
I am going to have to resolve the center issue. This was done with a lot of scrap fabrics so I do not have many of those fabrics available to remake the center. Maybe if I wait a few days the LOST sections will turn up!
And maybe I will decide I like the center just the way it is!


Allie said...

*raises hand* I do! That show claimed six years of my life I'll never get back. Normally I don't watch tv!
I like this a lot, I hope you find the center section - what you have so far is quite amazing!

Eva said...

Sometimes, the things know by themselves what they want to be. And they force their will upon us.
It is not lost, it went away.
We never watched "lost", we did not like it.