Friday, August 20, 2010

Jumping Good Times

When my family was here this weekend I enjoyed seeing a photo of my oldest grandson Blake and 3 of his friends JUMPING while he was in Spain studying this summer.
I didn't realize you could catch a photo like this so easily.

When I was taking the departure photos I decided to see if I could take a JUMPING photo and it worked. I had to work fast as they were in a hurry to leave and the mosquitoes were eating them alive.
Fortunately the cooler weather (and a Bounce Dryer sheet in my pocket) have helped drive away the mosquitoes.

My youngest grandson was her for a while yesterday. I showed him the jumping photos and he wanted me to take his picture JUMPING.
Here it is. He really worked hard to do a good jump as you can see.

Until next time I hope you have a JUMPING good time!

1 comment:

Linda Robertus said...

That's funny; I just put a photo of my son jumping on my photo blog the other day!
Great fun, these jump photos!