Monday, October 11, 2010

Dyeing Color Family - First Color

I accomplished more than I thought I would today, in spite of a major problem.

I started the day by dyeing 3 values in my Wonder Washers. They are amazing. They make it simple to get evenly dyed fabrics and you don't have to stir the buckets manually.

I believe Carol Soderlund is the person who first mentioned using them. A lot of my fabric dyeing friends have used them and loved them.

I was very skeptical about them as they say "As Advertised On TV"!
I have never found anything "As Advertised On TV" to live up to it's promises.
Well, these don't advertise as a product to use to dye fabric but they should!

These are Wonder Washers 1 and 2. If you can see the numbers on the control you can see I stagger the timing. In addition to the times to cycle them on and off I use 3 kitchen timers to time the resting periods between agitating.

I know this is the third lightest value because each washer is a different color and I have them arranged in value order!

I am sure you are wondering WHAT the major problem was.
I dyed the first three batches and about 25% of the tyvek labels came off in the washers along with a ton of staples.

I was able to restaple them on. Not only did I restaple those on, but I removed and restapled all the others.

It was time consuming and not fun, but I did it and didn't give up.

Tomorrow should be the day to start dyeing Scarlet. I have a tight schedule tomorrow and I am not sure I'll get a batch dyed. There's always tomorrow!

This shows five of the six values of Tangerine I dyed today. The are still wet in the photo and waiting for the washout which I did finish beofre calling it a day!

Someone commented that they would be interested in how I set up my dye studio.
It is really just my old laundry room in the basement and is not fancy at all.

I have two shelves over the laundry tubs where I store the dyes and measuring and mixing tools. Larger things are stored in other areas.


Juanita Yeager said...

I put my tyvek lables on with my quilt tac gun. I was glad to have a use for it since I know longer use it to baste my quilts. I have put off dyeing a new color family mainly because of the stirring required. SO thanks for the tip on the wonder washers. I will look into getting some

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

That sounds like a great idea. Do you pierce the fabric and tag once or twice?
Do you find the threads that unravel catch on the tags?

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Hi Kay, I have never seen the wonder washers before. What a great find. Thanks for posting about them. I have been stitching my tyvek labels onto my fabrics. It takes almost as much time to pull the staples out as it does to remove the stitches.