Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dyeing Color Family - Third and Last Color

I have finished doing all the dyeing for my Personal Color Family.

I am so pleased with them. They are indeed Kay colors.
My favorite season is right now - FALL. These colors are so much like what I am seeing right now as I drive around the county.

This is the third lightest value of the turquoise. You can see that some of them are not turquoise but a blend of the turquoise and the two previous colors.

This one is for Deb! She said she loves to see all the fabrics when they come out of the dryer jumbled together. I do too Deb!

Here you can see all the fabrics sorted into their respective piles.

This is the entire 343 swatches I dyed in a side view. You can see the lighter colors on the left and they deepen as they go to the right.

Since I have other priorities in my life at the moment I will put them aside and work on them in any available time to get them ready to send to my Color Family Dyeing Swap Friends.

It really has been fun and I would love to do more dyeing RIGHT NOW but that isn't going to happen. I will instead enjoy the other wonderful things that are happening in my life.


Leigh said...

I bought a tie dye kit a while ago, in an attempt to try my hand at dying fabric - to see if I wanted to make more of an investment in the process. The kit has sat forlornly in my quilting supplies, but I really ought to grow a pair and try it! Your fabrics look fantastic :)

Gloria said...

Looks great! I love fall colors too.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

As soon as I saw this I thought AHA! Another Carol Soderlund student is in a group doing a series of swaps... I wonder if anyone in our group did this sequence..... my personal family was turquoise, a warm yellow and fuchsia.... think the Caribbean and tropical fruit! COLOR HAPPY!

Thanks so much for sharing!
Cheers, Sarah

Deb said...

Yes Kay, I absolutely love the "right out of the dryer" shot! Makes me want to dye up a few new families! I think I may break down and invest in some wonder washers and get started! Now to do the calculations and such! Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us!

Carol said...

What a beautiful family, Kay! It's very YOU!