Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Did With The Remaining Dye

When I finished dyeing My Personal Color family I had some extra dye that I had mixed.

I could throw it away or I could do something with it.

I loved the colors so I could not throw the dye away. I got out 3 skeins of wool yarn.
Fortunately they were already in long skeins so I did not have to get out the winding equipment.

I put each one in a plastic shoe box container and poured straight vinegar over them.

Next I squeezed out the excess vinegar and put them back in the containers.

I poured dye on the yarn spreading the colors around in different areas until I had used up all the dye.

I covered each container with Saran Wrap and sealed it around the edge, leaving only a small area open so some of the steam could escape.

I then alternately microwaved them for about 5 minutes each and repeated that until I thought they had absorbed as much dye as they could.

It certainly was not a scientific nor exact way to dye, but it was the perfect choice for this dye and yarn.

I let them cool and then rinsed them in lukewarm water so as not to shock and shrink the wool. It took a lot of rinsing and I let them soak overnight.

I rinsed again in the morning until the water ran clear. . Then I washed them by hand with a little baby shampoo and added a little cream hair rinse to the last rinse.

I am in love with them as I was with my color family.

I will knit a hat and scarf with the yarn.

I would guess there are some of you who wonder why I didn't just dye the wool yarn with acid dyes which would have been so much quicker and easier.

My reason was I wanted those particular colors, values and blends of those colors and I was well rewarded for my efforts.

When I finished dyeing the yarn I couldn't help but notice how the colors were so similar to the colors in one of my favorite serapes.

I am certain I made a perfect choice when I chose the 3 pure colors to dye my personal favorite color family.


Linda Zimmerman said...

The yarn is gorgeous! I hope you will post the finished scarf and hat!

Barb Forrister said...

Beautiful colors! Perfect way to end the day!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...


Eva said...

What about weaving a rug or table runner?