Sunday, September 2, 2012

3 New Hand Knit Sweaters–Vintage, Too!

While reorganizing my studio I found 3 sweaters I had knit and never quite finished.

They were no longer my size! My granddaughter came over tonight for a visit.

She tried them on and loved them all. I told her it would not hurt my feelings if she said she didn’t want them, but she really loved all of them.


This one was totally finished and fit her perfectly. The color was perfect and we both agreed it was right in style. I knit it soon after 1984 – which means it is older than she is!


This was very roomy and I thought it might be too big for her. I hadn’t stitched the side seams yet. She loved it and I will finish it and have it ready for the next time I see her. I caught her laughing as I took this picture!


This was done with the exception of two yarns that I had not woven in. It will need to be blocked to make it fit perfectly and I will do that.

She now will have 3 new vintage sweaters as soon as I finish the last two.  Heidi said they are all current styles which pleased me – timeless!

I spent a lot of time knitting these three sweaters and I am so glad she will be enjoying wearing them.

NOTE: these were all knit the old fashioned way - on two long needles by hand - no machine!
Cooper wanted his picture taken too! It's getting harder to get pictures of him as he is starting to get into that making funny faces stage. Took a few tries but this one makes a good puzzle. He loves to be the puzzle and loves to see the puzzles using auto solve!
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Anonymous said...

This is a cool post.... having pictures of your grand wearing three things you made for her. She herself is timeless as I can't tell if she is high school or college. Am I biased or does she you like you?

Robin said...

Isn't it amazing how fashion comes around again. So glad she can enjoy your knits. The puzzle is great- cute subject.
How do you like your knitting machine. One of the things I love about knitting is that it is portable, so no machine for me.

Jo Rice said...

Don't sew up the side seams. It's more stylish looking jut as it is! I loce them all. Did you make them on your machine or regular knitting. I've always wanted a knitting machine but then....

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

These were knit by hand - the old fashioned way - no knitting machine involved!

Does she look like me? I don't really know. I do know that she IS a lot like me - loves art, etc.

Mary Stori said...

Lucky gal!!!!

Marilyn C. said...

It is so great that your granddaughter actually likes the three gorgeous sweaters. So many young people do not appreciate anything that they consider old..meaning made before their time, dishes,etc.
I have a question re the "Potato Chip Quilt". If you do not press the seams after you do the first sewing (the long strip) how do you handle the seams when you start sewing it together? I am planning on doing one at a retreat the end of September. Thanks in advance for your help. Your blog is one of about 5 that I look at everyday.
You have such interesting ideas.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I DI oress the seams on the long strip before I start sewing the ends of the strip together.