Monday, September 17, 2012

Body Of Work

Throughout This post I am going to attempt to share some work I haven’t previously shown on my blog.

If you have seen any of these before, just humor me and pretend you haven’t!


Winter Garden

One of the things I have been working on recently is trying to document as many of the quilts I made made as possible.

I did not photograph my quilts when I first started quilting.

When I did start photographing them it was not done with a digital camera.

Yes, I have been able to scan those photos but they are not the quality of recent digital photos.


Shrine To A Polymer Clay Goddess

I will soon be putting out a call to my family asking them to bring the quilts I do not have pictures of to be photographed.


School House

Some of the quilts I have made have been given away, never to be seen again.

Others have been used up, worn out and probably tossed in the garbage.

I have finished 379 quilts to date. I started quilting in 1959, but didn’t take it up seriously until 1977.


After that there was no stopping me, even though their were periods of time when I had other priorities that slowed me down.

If you have been a regular blog reader you know I have been working hard recently to finish Works In Progress.

I have finished 18 so far in 2012 which pleases me. I hope to finish quite a few more.

As you have viewed this post you can see my style or work has changes over the years and I expect it will continue to change as I continue developing “MY” style.


Robbie said...

Another gray and red piece!! Love that one too!!!

OPQuilt said...

I also have been cataloguing my quilts, and I found that taking my negatives to a digital transfer service (like Costco, if you have one near you) was really helpful in digitizing all my pictures.

Like you, I had a two-day blitz of photographing as well, and have used lots of those in different ways on my blog.

I've enjoyed seeing your quilts, and kudos to you for your lifetimes output!

Elizabeth E.