Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going Home Again


This was one of the first houses we lived in. It was a two story duplex and we lived in the left unit as you view the picture. If you look to the right you will see some very green grass. That is a golf course. In the evening you could play a few holes for free. The house was on Kausrud Street in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

This picture came from the internet. The next two are photos I took when we lived in the houses.


This was another house we lived in years ago. It was on Highway 20 in Columbia, Ohio – kind of in the middle of nowhere!

You can see Jeff playing in the snow wearing the snowsuit I made him and the hat I knit him. It was the best hat pattern ever.


This was the next house we lived in. It was on Indiana Street in Edon, Ohio. I LOVED this house.

It had 8 rooms, 10 closets, a car and a half garage, a full basement and built in dressers, shelving and a lot of cabinets.

We paid $50 a month for rent! We also had a landlord who kept it in tip top shape. Had we not left Edon, I am sure we’d still be living there.

I dreamt about it for years.

There were two others I have no pictures of. They have been torn down since we lived in them.

We also lived in Arlington, Virginia for two summers – both times in the same apartment complex. I was able to find current picture of one of the buildings on v-pike, but can’t copy the picture to share with you.

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Robin said...

Well you certainly covered rural OH. Arlington VA must have been quite a shock after Edon. I'm a city girl all the way. Grew up in NYC, the closest I got to rural was when I lived in GA. in the mid 70's.