Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gallery Of My Quilts

I have a space to hang many of my quilts in the lower level of our home.


This is a great area to display quilts for clients.


There is no direct sunlight nor fluorescent lighting which could cause fading.


It also shows the quilts in an area much like someone would hang quilts in their home.


I try to hang a new quilt in the empty space when a quilt is sold.


It also gives me and my family a chance to enjoy the work I have done.

It adds color and interest to the area which is what quilts do for a home, office or other business.

It has been said if you are trying to sell your house, hang a quilt on the wall and it will sell faster.

I have seen that happen more than once.


Mary Stori said...

Even though we've known each other for years....and each other's style.....I'm still amazed at the gigantic range of quiltmaking you've conquered!

Fun seeing all your work!

Sharon Robinson said...

Hi Kay - I'm curious what kind of hanging system you use, and how you move your quilts around? They seem to lay so flat. Maybe you've talked about this previously, but I missed it. Thanks for sharing - it's fun to see all the work you've done!


Robbie said...

OK, need to know more about the 2nd pic, gray/red piece on the left. Very interesting layout. Love all of them...this one caught my eye right off. And it wasn't even in my normal colorway! Go figure!