Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween and Counting Blog Visits


Although Halloween is a few days off, many of the communities around here had their Trick Or Treat night last night.

Several years ago I used to decorate a full size tree for each and every holiday and occasion.


There are so many ways to use a counter to see how many views you’ve had on your blog.

I decided the Google statistics are the most accurate as they track the page views since Day 1.

As of today I have had 300,461 page views on my blog!

I have made well over 1000 posts to my blog.

Recently I have slowed down with posting. I have found a lot of my friends have done the same thing and only post occasionally.

My reasons include being very busy, and also not posting just to post!

Stay tuned as there will be more Quilts and Color!


Anonymous said...

The tree is wonderful......

I don't have a problem with no posts if you don't have anything you want to write about. I use a reader that tells me when there is a new post on any of the blogs I follow. In fact I appreciate not having to sorry I have not posted... do bloggers think we keep track... NOPE.... I realize some bloggers blog as journal of their lives and want the slow times as well as the glizzie times of record. So here comes Sandy! you have a tree for that????

Mary Stori said...

Only you Kay would decorate a tree for every occasion!!
Your enthusiasm 2 for life is fabulous!

Joy V said...

I agree with you about posting on your blog 'just to post' something. I get annoyed when some bloggers use it for a 'twitter' like post. If it happens too often I take the blog off my reading list. Would rather see pics and read something interesting once a month than 'twitter' like comments.

Robbie said...

Love the tree! Decorating for every season! You are a good person!
Heck, I post if I'm keeping track of a process or my family or whatever. It's my blog for my own memories! Figure I'll need something to read when the mind goes and I'm sitting in that nursing home!!