Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perfect Harmony 2


This is the other quilt I was not at liberty to show you until now.

It was created with shibori fabrics I dyed.

I really enjoy doing the quilting on these pieces – free and easy!


I hope you can see the quilting a little clearer on this close up of a section of the quilt.

I use threads that blend into the colors of the quilt to create another layer of design “gently”.


Eva said...

Wow. Gorgeous. Love the blue line. And the design which is calm motion. Somewhat Japanese.

Carlene said...

I really like the colors and textures. Very nice!

Tanya Brown said...

It's lovely! Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

I like perfect Harmony !! there is another post I have not read yet and I look forward to it and finding out what you are doing ...

Robin said...

The gentle quilting really enhances the fabrics. I have not seen shibori quilted so well before.