Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mariner’s Compass Table Topper


I made this “quilt” to use as a table topper on one of those small round tables you can buy. In the photo the background looks a little wrinkled, but it looks smooth when it is on a table. I don’t have the table available here to put it on to show that.

It is finished on the edge with a double ruffle.

I did make a matching pineapple quilt but that was sold. When I find a picture of the quilt I’ll post it.

I'm glad to be able to include a puzzle for you today. Click to Mix and Solve


Kathy said...

Did every quilter of a certain age have that same fabric!? We are so lucky now to have so many choices!

Anonymous said...

I too, have some thing made with this color and type of fabric but I am not owning up to any age. I am so happy for a puzzle today.... being very new projects, no guilt projects and no must does. So let's do the puzzle :-).

Robin said...

I'm sure the table looks fabulous with that wonderful topper. Hope you don't cover it up with a lamp or something.LOL