Monday, December 8, 2014

Christening The New Lanai Décor Party!


This picture shows most of the family who were here. With that many people it was hard to get everyone in one picture.

Sorry Sean I cut your face off in the picture.


Andy’s new defense every time I point the camera at him is to do the same with his Note. What a nice picture of Sally. She looks like she could be Andy’s sister!


Laney, Tucker and Drew were missing from my Thanksgiving pictures.

Like father like son when the phone come out for photos!


Ryder is the newest member of the family and what a happy baby.

Uncle Tucker is holding him and Grandma Lauren is enjoying being a part of the scene.

It was a chilly afternoon and evening but the afternoon and evening was spent on the lanai almost the whole time.

Everyone appreciated all the work Andy and Drew did putting the furniture together.

We started off with snacks: Cheese and sausage, artichoke dip, crackers, a fruit plate and meatballs. there were only a few morsels left.

Dinner was Taco soup with cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips for garnishes. A big pan of Mac n Cheese was devoured. And of course: Homemade bread with butter and black raspberry preserves.

Dessert was pineapple Mexican style, ice cream and a variety of cookies.

Laney loved to help and kept asking what else she could do. Drew and Tucker were the table setters…..Drew’s job anytime he’s here.

Sally and Lauren were the clean up crew and everyone pitched in too.

And of course I can’t forget to mention Andy…..when food is needed for a party he’s the go to guy and get’s it done!

He has a unique cooking style that no one can ever forget.

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Robbie said...

Friends, family and food! Doesn't get any better than that!