Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Negative Positive Squares Quilt


Before I shared this technique with our quilt group members I played with the idea myself again so I would have something to show them.

I got a little carried away and cut almost all of these during a one hour TV show and cut a few more after the mini demo.

When I counted the ones I had made there were 56 so that was a good stopping point as I could make a quilt 7 x 8 squares.

The colors are not real accurate in this photo as I took it at night inside.

When I get it finished I’ll take the photo outside.

Can you find the matching images?

Some of them are easy to spot and others are not.

The different backgrounds can make two similar squares look totally different.

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The Inside Stori said...

This is such a great idea to introduce folks to patchwork.....thanks for sharing it!

AND....how 'bout them Packers!*!*!!!