Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Sock Secret Can Now Be Told!


Last night we celebrated our family Christmas. It is hard to get everyone together and we were only missing Dana as she was working.

You’ve seen me post knitted miniature socks on my blog several times.

I was knitting them for a family tradition.

Each person gets 5 coins each Christmas from Grandpa Jerry.

I have to come up with creative ways to give out the coins.

All 12 stockings were hung on the wall and numbers were drawn to see who got first pick.

I told everyone that this would be a serious picture.

I think they have all been taking lessons from a family in Florida!

I took 13 pictures to get this one SERIOUS one!


Unknown said...

A couple of things. Tell me more about the 5 coins from Grandpa Jerry? Is this a way to keep alive a tradition???

Then, for some reason, I went to the beginning of your blog days and low and behold there were many puzzles.... how could I have forgotten those fun fun puzzles. I did do about a half dozen and the dogs finally INSISTED that I serve dinner!! It was a great time ..... soon we will have Happy New Year, with or without UFO's.....LOL

Robbie said...

I love all your traditions...old and new! Happy New Year!!!