Friday, April 1, 2016

Debbie’s Studio In A Van

Keep reading to hear about all the treasures lurking in Debbie’s van.
She has been in Florida for a month travelling the state and teaching some amazing classes.
She is the expert on enhancing fabrics and/or clothing with paint or dye.
Just “a few” of the things she took out of the van while she was rearranging and finding some things she needed than were buried below other things.
Can’t you just imagine taking classes from her….she knows so many secrets about what she is doing and shares them openly with her students.
Have you ever heard of Silk Fusion? That is what we are going to play with today. She brought all the things we will need. I had heard of it but anything I could find about it didn’t excite me. When she got our her examples that she has done yesterday I was super excited to try this. She has done some amazing things with it and it is one of her newest workshops. If you belong to a quilt guild or an art /quilt group this would be a perfect workshop for your group and she will travel far and wide from her home. Another nice thing about this one it is appropriate for all levels of artists/quilters as it does not draw on what one has done before. 
Of course I’ll be sharing more of what she has done and also what I accomplish after my pieces are finished. If you haven’t figured it out yet I AM SUPER EXCITED TO DO THIS!


Robbie said...

Can't wait to see both of your results!!

Robin said...

I haven't heard of this technique so I am looking forward to learning about it on your blog. Glad you are having such a wonderful visit.