Monday, April 18, 2016

I Needed To Knit

The most relaxing thing I do is knit. Once quilters gave up hand quilting for machine quilting so many of us went back to knitting as that had the same benefits we had previously got from hand quilting.
I had a nice collection of burgundy yarns and variations of burgundy from red to pink to lavender and beyond.
This one is being knit with one strand of burgundy mohair throughout and one strand of a variety of yarns. I have already knit one afghan using one strand of burgundy throughout and after I finish this one I think I’ll have enough of that burgundy mohair to do two more with this idea. I don’t remember how or when I acquired all this burgundy mohair!
I really love this one. When I started it I didn’t know who it was going to be for. By the time I got the first 10 inches done I knew I couldn’t give it up and it will be MINE!

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Robbie said...

And it should be yours!! Love the colors!