Sunday, April 17, 2016

Guest Closet Reorganized To Fit Hand Quilting Frame

I feel like I moved a mountain and accomplished a major task yesterday.
I was given a gorgeous collector quality hand quilting frame made by a master craftsman. It has been in the trunk of my car for several weeks while I figured out where to store it.
I finally realized by reorganizing (and purging a few things) in the guest room closet I could store it in here.
You can’t see everything as I couldn’t open both doors at once!
I was able to rearrange things to make use of almost every inch of space, including the 2 inches between the stacking drawers and the wall.
The main use of this closet is extra bedding for when the entire family visits.
It also has become a minor part of my studio (OK a little more than minor now that it holds the quilt frame). It holds my serger and my table size rotary cutting matt as well as my Bond knitting machines.
There is also plenty of room for guests to hang clothing in the closet as well as nice hangers.
What a relief to be able to cross this task off my list last night.

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Robbie said...

Did I miss a pic of the quilting frame??