Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Lights!

imageThis is an annual blog post.

It is the home of a family member who shall remain anonymous.
I am sorry I couldn’t get the entire yard in the photo.

Just imagine the tall trees as you drive up the hill with red and white lights on them to resemble candy canes.
And full size Christmas trees brought in on both sides of the driveway as you drive up too.

And….the day after Christmas the family member hits all the after Christmas sales to buy more lights since these are not nearly enough!


Robbie said...

Beautiful! So festive...this would get you in the mood for Christmas for sure! If not, you're just a scrooge!

Susie Q said...

And the day after that they get a second job to pay the electric bill that month.... haha. Truly amazing.... and I know that people love to see it every year.