Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ohio Florida Small World

We have a community online group here in Florida. Susan is on the right in the photo. Somehow I found out she was from Sylvania, Ohio. Nancy (on the left) and Sally (in the center) are from Sylvania.
I mentioned to Susan that I had a good friend here in Florida who was from Sylvania. (Sally and I met when we both lived in Edon, Ohio about 54 years ago). One thing led to another and somehow we found out that Susan had met Nancy when they both volunteered at a golf outing in Ohio. Nancy had told her she had a sister who lived in Ocala and raised Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and gave her Sally’s information as Susan was considering getting one. They never did connect but somehow she realized that my BFF Sally was Nancy’s sister.
When Sally and I realized Nancy would be in our area for an extended visit we decided to get a lunch arranged with all of us. Nancy had no idea that Susan would be there so that was a surprise for her. It was also the first time Sally and I had met Susan in person. If you had been a mouse listening to our conversations you would have thought we all were well acquainted for years.
We had lunch at our clubhouse and then came back to my house where they got to see what I have been working on and also see my welcoming quilt and my unique home.
I know Susan is someone I expect to see more of. We have enjoyed many of the same parts of the country and I enjoyed visiting with her. When we were setting this up she made a comment about how it is so good to make new friends and I certainly agree.
Who would have thought that when Sally walked across the street in Edon to welcome me this friendship and all that it is would be so strong today?

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Robin said...

What a wonderful story of friendship. We never know whose lives we will touch. Thanks for sharing this lovely story. I'm always happy to see your welcome quilt.