Saturday, December 31, 2016

It Was A Very Good Year 2016

January was a time I looked at some of the ice dyed fabrics I had created deciding what to do with them.
This piece was created in February. In this picture it has not been quilted yet…but it did get quilted.
Knitting in March lead to the completion of this big beautiful scarf.
April meant another Racine, Wisconsin Washington Park high school reunion at my house in Florida. We appreciate each other more each year.
May meant the arrival of my Minnesota son and the drive to pick him up in Orlando with my Florida “kids”.
June was a month spent finishing a lot of pieces for my 2017 solo show in Kenosha, WI.
July meant the arrival of my Minnesota family. It also is the time for the big family July 4th reunion at my brother and sister in laws lovely home on the lake. I think this year it was bigger than ever with some faces we hadn’t seen in a long time.
August meant pizza and music in the gazebo with both son’s families…at least as many of them that could make it. It sure is a fun time.
September saw us celebrating mine and my granddaughter Kierstin’s birthdays.
October saw my return to Florida and the return of my flamingo tree.
[image%255B38%255D.png]In November I celebrated Thanksgiving with my Florida family.
December marked my return to frigid Wisconsin. We celebrated Christmas day at Jeff and Heather’s lovely decorated home.
These pictures share just a few highlights of a wonderful year. I had lots of houseguests in Florida, some special visitors from near and far in Wisconsin, spent time with some super friends and met some really special new friends.
I did spend a major part of the year creating and finishing pieces for my solo show which is fast approaching.
Just because I don’t have pictures of all the highlights of my year doesn’t mean they weren’t great. Often I get so involved in what is happening I forget to take pictures.
If you are curious about more of the year you can always look back on my blog posts and see the rest of the year…so much to see….so little space to share!
I am a lucky lady who gets to enjoy life to the fullest.

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Susie Q said...

Happy New Year ! May 2017 be just as grand.