Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Knitting, Felting

This may have been the longest time I have gone without posting to my blog.
I have been making things but haven’t been documenting them.
I find knitting to be one of the most relaxing things I can do.
In the foreground you see a Pod I knitted.
In the background a little tote that still needs the handles attached.
Laying flat is a small purse.
Each one of these was felted in my washing machine.
I put off felting them as I wasn’t able to use my top loader in the basement.
It has been said that things felt better in a top loader so I believed that.
I decided to use my Asko front loader and the results were amazing.
The fact that I can turn the water temperature up to 205 degrees is a big help.
In fact when I opened the machine and the temperature was 205 degrees I couldn’t even touch the pieces.
Yes, I do have to open, close, open, close, drain, rinse to make this work and stop the felting when appropriate.
I have to say I am quite thrilled with the results.
As I write this I have a scarf in the washer doing light felting.
I will be doing a lot more felting in the next week or so as I have many pieces ready to work on.
I only do one or two at a time as I need to make sure I can do what I need to so that they are properly shaped after washing.


The Inside Stori said...

It’s been on my mind each day for a week now to email and ask if all was okay……not usual for your blog to be so quiet!
Your pod is great…..and a heck of alot faster results than my manual method….hummm…food for thought……though I don’t knit!

Robbie said...

You sure don't have idle hands do you! And you even put your washer to work! HA