Sunday, July 2, 2017

Serendipitous Pouch For Olfa Cutter!

When I posted this and asked why it had such an unusual shape this was NOT the answer as I was creating it.
I had created a bargello rectangle and from it I cut the back of a vest. This was the small amount of patchwork that was left at the top. It had this unusual shape created by the cutting line for the shoulders and neckline.
I decided to just use as much of the leftover scrap as I could to make an irregular pouch.
When I shared it and asked if anyone knew why I made this unusual shape several people thought it was for my Olfa cutter. Once I thought about it, I decided it was the perfect shape to carry it and that is why you see the above photo.
I have such smart people reading what I share!


Susie Q said...

You now have a very unusual good looking pouch for an important tool.

Mary Col said...

Haha! Funny!