Friday, July 28, 2017

Wet Felting July 2017 Series

I am showing you the last piece from this series first. I had a group of yarns I combined to knit all these pieces. When I knit this one last the shape was determined by the amount of the different colors I had left.
These are all 6 of the pods and bowls I made.
You may remember when I asked if you knew what these were on a blog post a while ago?
knit bowls and pods
They look quit different now as the the colors blended and the texture tightened up so much. You may know I hardly ever follow a pattern. If I do I change it to fit my needs. These are a VERY LOOSE  adaptation of some directions I found.
I love how these three look with this piece or art. I never make things for a specific place/use but so often this happens.
I could never have envisioned these would have these colorations in the finished vessels.

It’s all about playing and what I have saved in my brain from a life time of living, whether I am creating a quilt, ice dye, knitting project, or other art.


claudia said...

Very cool pieces!

Cathy Tomm said...

Great looking bowls. My mom has done some of these, yet I would not have guessed what you were doing with just the knitting.