Friday, July 27, 2018

More Koeper Ancestors

I have posted some of these photos before but they no longer show up on my blog. I have no idea why.
So I am sharing again and hope the younger family members will enjoy seeing them and they are welcome to share them.

This is my favorite picture of my grandma and grandpa Koeper. I have no idea how old they were in this picture.
This is grandma Matilda Gruenwald Koeper with her siblings.
Clockwise from top left: Alma, May, Matilda, Elsie, Sonny
This is a picture from Grandpa Koeper in his younger years. Love this one. It’s the youngest photo I have of him.
Grandpa dressed to impress
Dressed to impress again!
Grandpa had many  siblings but I do not have any pictures of any of them.
Stay tuned as there is more to come.

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