Thursday, July 26, 2018

Throw Back Thursday Koeper Older Generation Photos

I have decided to post several photos of our parents of the “Koeper” cousins.
I found there was a lot of interest in our ancestors when I posted a photo of Grandpa Casper Koeper.
I will start with our parents today and add previous generations at a later date.
Charlie, Jerry and Cas, the 3 oldest Koeper Brothers.
Grandma Matilda Gruenwald Koeper with son Jerry.
Youngest son Bill, my dad with his cousin Raymond Heinen.
casperand catherine k r with lighter background
Grandpa Casper Koeper with only daughter Catherine Koeper Rehorst.
Charlie, Bill, Grandpa Casper, Catherine, Grandma Matilda,Jerry, Cas with their Chandler car.
To me Grandpa always seemed old…(wonder what my young grandchildren would say about me). I remember a car in their garage (not this one), but after a few years there was no car as Grandpa no longer drove. He would walk all over. It was probably 5 miles round trip from their house to down town Milwaukee and he did that often.

I hope my cousins, and all of you younger family members enjoy this group of family photos.

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