Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Quilting World Is A Small World

I taught quilting locally for many many years.
I have kept in touch with one of my students who left the area years ago and moved to VA.
She did a lot of quilting when she took classes from me and has continued quilting and  excelled over the years.

She retired (young retiree) this year.
She is now working for Jinny Beyer in her studio in Virginia part time.

This week I ordered some real neat mesh tote bags from the studio and they arrived on Saturday.
I opened the package right away and guess what was in the package?
A personal note from my former student Jenni!!!!!! (JJ)
I love the tote bags but I was more excited to get the note from her.

If you ever call the studio and someone named JJ answers the phone tell her you are a friend of mine!

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