Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

So many of the people I have followed either no longer blog or blog once or twice a year.
The bloggers that I loved and followed were my inspiration to start blogging.
It has been a great way for me to create a personal diary and I share it online with all of you.
Del Thomas is a blogger from California who I continue to follow.  I met her when she was travelling cross country and we spent a little time getting acquainted. She is not only a quilter but a collector of wonderful quilts. She thinks nothing of getting in her car and driving miles and miles to take a class, see a show or visit friends. She recently talked about the diminished interest in people blogging.
She had the nicest comment about my blog:
I read several blogs regularly and others that I catch up on when I have some extra time.
Kay Sorensen  quiltspluscolor.blogspot.com is a super blogger who keeps up with the statistics and enjoys hundreds of visits each day.  She leads a very interesting and varied life in Wisconsin and Florida. Kay makes spectacular quilts and is a very nice lady.  When I was driving cross country once I took a detour up to Wisconsin, because it was one of only two states I had not visited (Alaska is still missing).  I called her and she took me out to dinner and showed me her studio and some of her great quilts.  It is a precious memory. 
You can follow her interesting blog at: delquilts.blogspot.com/

Yes, I still follow several bloggers and I have met the majority of them in person. Some are close friends and others are online friends.
I love my blogging friends.


Podunk Pretties said...

I was thinking the same thing this week. Blogging is becoming a thing of the past. Most are now on Instagram. So much inspiration there. Instead of writing a big long blog post you can do a quicky post right from your phone. I prefer blogging but love all the inspiration on Instagram.

Shirlee Fassell said...

It is sad many bloggers I used to follow have disappeared. I will add her to my list.

Robin said...

I follow many blogs, like yours and I have seen a decrease in the blogs I follow. Many younger people seem to use Instagram instead of blogs. I'm not a fan of Instagram. Facebook is another platform that is fine for quick messages but blogs allow me to not miss anything. I love your blog for the variety of content.

Tami Von Zalez said...

It always makes me sad when a blogger I follow quits blogging, and there have been many, many of them over the years.
I have been blogging for 7 years with this blog
and another 2 years prior to that on another blog that I pulled the plug.
I went to a blogger meetup in Vancouver B.C. and had a wonderful time. I would love to do it again.
Someday I hope to meet some quilt bloggers IRL.

The Inside Stori said...

I hear ya Kay.......at times blogging seems so out of fashion....what with twitter, snap chat, instagram and all the others that I barely understand. Friendships aren't made in seconds or minutes.....it takes following thoughtful, fun, inspiring blogs for awhile to develop kindred spirits. Guess we'll just have to be content being old fashioned!!

Robbie said...

Such a nice story/post! I too feel so fortunate to have so many blog friendships!! I feel I could reach out to so many of them for advice, a laugh or even a virtual hug!
You and I had a nice way to have met in person after following each of our blogs! I'm so fortunate to call you a blog friend but more important, my friend!!!

Sherrie Spangler said...

I have been checking in with your blog for years and am always inspired. Reading a good blog is like opening a favorite magazine with gorgeous photos and thoughtful prose. I started blogging in 2008 and try to post at least twice a week -- it's an activity I very much enjoy, and I especially enjoy forming internet friendships with other art quilt bloggers.