Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Potato Chip Quilt - Tutorial - What Ifs And Possibilities

As I think about this quilt (formerly known as Sunrise - Sunset Quilt) I try to think of all the other possibility's using this basic idea.

I'll bet some of you have wondered the same thing.

What ideas or thoughts do you have?

I do know one of my friends has carefully computed it to get a quilt approximately 72 x 73 or so and she started it last night, right KW?

What would happen if:

1. You cut the strips wider?

2. You inserted the spacers with diagonal seams?

3. You made several long strips, each a different width and sewed them together lengthwise and then followed the basic instruction?

4. You used gradations of hand dyed fabrics for the strips and a print for the spacers?

5. You used only plaids with solid spacers?

6. You used stripes for the strips and used a stripe cut perpendicular to the main strips as your spacers?

7. You just used the fabrics you have cut by pulling them out of a bag without looking in random order and used a solid black or black on black print for the spacers?

8. You used animal prints (zebra, lion, tiger, etc) for the strips and a turquoise solid print for the spacers?

9. You used black and white prints for the strips and solid bright red for the spacers?

10. You cut up all the clothing in your closet you no longer wear and used that for the strips (yes they would be shorter) but you could piece them into long strips. For the spacers you could use parts of the clothing that have buttons on them. Now I know why I have been saving these things in a plastic bin on the top shelf in the closet!)

BREAK TIME - What if I stopped coming up with ideas, got some work done around here and came back and added more ideas a little later? Yes, that is a good idea! But first I'm going to eat a few potato chips!

11. You used you civil war prints for the strips and turkey red for the spacers?

12. You used Christmas fabrics for the strips and a metallic gold for the spacers?

13. You used silk dupioni for the strips and a black silk noil for the spacers?

14. You only used soft flower prints with a bright yellow green print for spacers?

15. You did an exchange with your friends or at your guild for 2 1/2 inch strips and each of you made this quilt with the same strip set, adding only your own choice for spacers? (It would be a good idea to set a theme for the strip exchange)

16. You used only leafy greens for the strips and used a bright plum or magenta print for the spacers?

17. You used only leafy greens for the strips and alternated a plum and a yellow/gold for the spacers?

18. You did this at your next guild retreat and you each came prepared to sew with your strips and spacers cut and you all did one at the same time?

19. You cut all your strips from Jinny Beyer Border prints cut lengthwise so you could see the border print and used one of her palette fabrics for the spacers? This might work best with strips that were wider so they showed the beauty of the border print.

20. Each time you completed cutting a project you cut a 2 1/2 inch strip from your leftover fabric and put it in a box so when you decide you want to do another one of these you just choose the fabrics and you're off and running?

21. You spread those strips you have precut out on a table and let a friend choose 40 strips she thought looked good together. After you picked the fabric for the spacers you could offer her something to drink while you made the quilt for her in an hour or so? You could show her how to press it and let her do that!

23. You used soft pastel prints with a medium gray print for the spacers and made this for a gift for your favorite child or a baby gift?

24. I used my Girls Scout fabrics cutting them wider than 2 1/2" and used the badges fabric for the spacers? (I like this idea)

25. You added borders to your quilt to make it larger. They would not all have to be identical or the same width.

Have I got your mind engaged and thinking yet?

Maybe this should be called a Potato Chip quilt - since I'll bet you can't make just one just like you can't eat just ONE potato chip!

Of course I am trying to decide what I will choose for my next ones. The ideas won't stop coming.

Please share your ideas with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Anyone can comment even if you don't have your own blog.

If there are any of you who haven't see the original Sunrise - Sunset quilt I am adding it's picture.


Kay Webb said...

I thought the bag of strips was 2.5 inches but theyaren't, they are 2 inches, I have a bunch picked out to start this with. Having trouble finding the right black/white fabric, can't decide what that should be.......still thinking but at least started....:)

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

That will work. It just will take more strips.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about cutting the jelly roll lengths in half first and sewing them randomly with the accent pieces in between to make it even more scrappy. I know this means more work! It never hurts to try something new.

magicmoonmusings said...

These are terrific ideas, thank you! I'm on a stash busting kick so this is perfect.