Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa's Christmas Stocking and Candy Cane Dreams - Rerun

In our community we have a club called Tequila Rose Tea Club. Each year the club sponsors a Spring Tea and a Christmas Tea. They are such festive happenings.
Ladies volunteer to set a table that represents the theme for that particular tea.

Each table has a hostess who sets the table and a butler. The men in the community serve as butlers and serve the food for each course of the tea. There are 4 courses and the tea ends with a Tequila Rose liquor toast.

In addition to the butlers several of the ladies serve as tea pourers and circulate and keep your tea cup full.

This table did not use the typical reds and greens. It was just lovely.

This table did an excellent job of representing the theme and no detail was left out.

She had full chair covers decorated with the candy canes.

This is a closer view of her lavish centerpiece.

Here is another table that interpreted the theme in a very creative way.

As you can guess the limited number of tickets available for this event sell out immediately. I did not get a ticket this year. The room is open for those of us who didn't get tickets to come in and view the tables and decorations 45 minutes before the tea. In the past I have served as a hostess twice. It is something I have enjoyed doing.
It is also one of the few times we get a chance to really dress up and many of the ladies also wear hats.

I chose this centerpiece as my puzzle for tonight. Enjoy!
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