Monday, February 23, 2015

Behind The Tree

I finished this quilt which is the coordinating one for Brain Waves.


Here is the completed quilt.


You have seen this version before. When I studied it I realized I need two more branches on the lower left.

And that is what got me into trouble when the coordinating quilt was underneath if when I stitched those lines. The story was on yesterday’s blog post.

I hope I NEVER do anything like that again!

Another one named by the same friend that named Brain Waves. Do you think I should let him continue naming some of my quilts?

I think it may have gone to his head as he is naming the dresses worn on the Oscars! The quilts fared far better than the dresses did!


The Inside Stori said...

The change of thread color on this one and the 'leaves' really help to provide a sense of movement of the lines.....

Robin said...

That is so awful- a good lesson for us all. I love these two quilts. very refreshing and elegant.