Monday, November 14, 2016

One Of A Kind Silk Screened And Ice Dyed

I put these blocks on my design wall this weekend.
The silk screen motifs on each of them are something I did at least 25 years ago on perma-press muslin.
Recently I ice dyed them to take away the harsh contrast. Each block dyed with a slightly different coloration which was to be expected. I will probably still rearrange some of them to get a better allover balance,
The two center blocks were printed with a slightly darker color. I was lucky I had a total of 12 blocks to work with so I could make a reasonable size piece.
I intend to cut up this shibori overdyed fabric to use as sashing between the blocks after I trim them slightly to make them all the same size.
This is a project that might not be finished soon….but then again…maybe it will.
It is very low contrast compared to much of my work. I do think it will be a very peaceful relaxing quilt.


Cathy said...

They are gorgeous!!

Robbie said...


Dar said...

Very pretty. We had an instructor come to our guild recently that did workshops with ice dying and shibori also. Yours turned out beautiful.

Robin said...

The subtle color differences make for a more interesting quilt. it urges the viewer to keep moving to the next block. I love the sashing fabric also. Another gorgeous quilt.

Unknown said...

I like them as they are without sashing between pretty.