Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

We are still having some unseasonably cold weather.
I've finished knitting all my things to keep me warm. I thought that would do the trick and change the weather.
It has worked a little, but it still is very chilly in the morning and the evening.
I am getting use out of all these projects.

My latest finished project is the scarf to match my hat I showed you recently.

This is also knitted with the yarn I dyed using the leftover dyes from my personal color family.

This is the diagonal scarf and it is composed of triangles.
When I was discussing what I should write my blog about tonight one of my friends said the Pythagorean theorem. Little did they realize I was going to post this scarf made up of triangles!

I just started to knit and hoped I didn't run out of yarn in the middle of one of the repeats. This was knitters luck. It was so close and I didn't know until I was on the last few rows if I would make it. I ended up with only 50" of extra yarn.

The size is perfect and it is so cozy and warm. Of course the colors are perfect "Kay" colors!


Eva said...

Just the bright colors the season needs!

Meg said...

I love it! I learned the garter stitch this weekend. It's definitely not as easy as it looks. I keep "frogging" and re-knitting. It's starting to look better, though. How do you dye skeins of yarn?