Monday, February 28, 2011

Is It Really Christmas Again?

I took a friend who had never been to The Villages shopping in Spanish Springs today.
The Christmas shop had been transformed into a holiday shop - Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, you name it.
It was still the Christmas trees that caught my eye.
This tree was probably 16 feet high.
It would look fantastic in my home, but I don't have ceilings high enough for it.
I also would probably have to sell my house to afford the tree and all the decorations!
I didn't even realize the tree itself was a realistic green as every inch was covered with purple and lime green decorations.

I hope you can get an idea of how heavily this tree was decorated, along with the details of some of the decorations.

I have been in many Christmas shops but this is the most fantastic one I have ever seen. About half the shop is still devoted to Christmas but the rest has a large variety of tasteful decor for other holidays along with some general floral decor. What a treat.

We also visited a lot of the other shops and it was a successful trip as we each found something to buy!

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