Monday, February 21, 2011

Color Family Clean Up Cuts Project

I decided to do a piece with the clean up cuts from all 343 fabrics from my personal color family.

I photographed it as I worked on it today.

Here I have added more fabrics. Each tiny piece of fabric was placed deliberately in it's position.

I have the base almost completely covered here.

Here are all 343 pieces of my color family. Each one is slightly different from the others.

You can see I started with the lightest on the bottom and the edges. I worked up to the deepest colors on top and at the center.

I will be doing a final press and then stitching to hold things in place and augment the design.


Mary said...

I love this! Did I miss something? How are you holding the pieces in place prior to stitching?

Judy Warner said...

Love this use of bits. I think you will have a very unique and artistic piece at the end!

Carol Soderlund said...

Hi Kay,
Lovely use of the leftover bits....I like the color building. I have a bowl made from the bits given to me by one of my students. I need to get a blog so I can share the idea!

Dolores said...

Thanks for showing us the progression. Do you always use pinking shears when cutting?

Mary said...

This would make a great jigzone puzzle!

Joy said...

Kay, they remind me of the little pieces of paper left when you pull a postage stamp off its backing. :o)
Only prettier because of SO MANY COLORS! This is so cool!

Vicki said...

Love the way you arranged the colors. I don't have any hand-dyes (yet) but I save all my slivers, too. It's like fabric confetti, too pretty to throw away.

Lynne said...

This is fantastic!! Do you glue the pieces in place? I want to try this.