Saturday, February 26, 2011

Turning The Tables with Fabric

We had two small chair side tables on the lanai. They were showing their age, but only on the top.
There was a delicate painted floral design on the underside of the glass tops, not readily visible in this photo.

I covered the top of each table with fabric. To attach the fabric and seal it I used Modge Podge.

They are so much more attractive and look so much better with the new tops.

The pressed back rockers in the picture were purchased at a farm auction in Ohio 48 years ago for $1 each. This is at least the 4th color we have painted them. They have "lived" in several states!

Mimi asked if I could show you the other colors these chairs have been. This is the only photo I can find and you can just see the arm of the rocker in the first photo.
It is really a navy blue.


Eva said...

What a great idea to renovate the small table! And the chairs are excellent. Guess some day you might remove all the layers of paint and reveal the original surface...

Anonymous said...

I know you are pleased with your table but I am impressed with your chairs..... If you have a picture of them in each of the four colors I bet it would make a fun puzzle.... just sayin'.....

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I wish I did have pictures of them in the various colors they have been over the years.
The closest I can come is the first color we painted them and you can only see a part of one arm.
I'll add it to this blog post!

Christina said...

Beautiful! I love this idea...and I love fabric!

Thanks so much for linking up to "20 Below Thursday"! :)