Friday, January 18, 2013

Organized But Not Accessible

When we moved in to this house 7 or 8 years ago the only fabric I brought along was the fabrics to make drapes and bedspreads.

Somewhere along the way things began to change!


This is what you see when you open the left door of the closet. What you don’t see is the 24 inches at the far left behind the wall that is very hard to access without moving a lot of things.

I’ve made an attempt to organize this with plastic bins, drawers and other things, but…………….


This is what you see when you open the right side of the closet. There is also the area to the right of the door that is hard to access.

You may be saying how did she accumulate all these supplies?

I can trace the beginning back to volunteering to give a demo for our quilt guild. My idea was several people would give short (5-10 minute demos) of an interesting technique.

Well, Beth built up my demo so much I had to do more than the little demo and the rest is history! I visited the local quilt shop and stocked up with a wonderful collection of quilting fabrics – maybe 40-50 quarter yards.

No, this is not all my fabric and yarn!


I have filled the two chests in the room with a palette of colorful fabrics and yarns.


I have also outfitted this tall storage unit to hold thread, notions, embellishments, smaller works in progress and similar things.

Some of this came from our wonderful local quilt shop that it was my duty to support. (It closed last year)

Others came south with me either in the car, or sent by USPS!

Hopefully you’ll see the “AFTER” picture in a few days.

I am expecting a delivery today of the ELFA drawer units I ordered a few days ago.

I am hoping they will contain a major portion of these things in an orderly accessible manner.

This will be a major undertaking as I hope to store like things together and most used things in the most easily accessed spots.

I have plans for storing the other things that do not fit in the drawers.

After I get this organized, if I see I need more ELFA storage I will then order those.

I expect having things organized and accessible up north made it so much easier to work and put things away when I finished.


Mary Stori said...

Inaccessible or sure is well organized!!

Holly Knott said...

Oh, that inaccessible area can be maddening. I don't know why they built/build closets like that, even when used for clothes. If that front wall isn't a retaining wall, I'd open it up and hang curtains instead of the door!

Carol said...

Sure glad to know that you have more STUFF "Stash" than I do. I too love a place for everything and everything it its place.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Funny how our stashes manage to expand! You look pretty well organized and your new cabinet will be lovely.