Monday, January 28, 2013

The Villages Quilt Show 2013

I waited until 1:30 on Saturday, the last day of the show to see it. It was a good decision as it was not crowded and I was able to take pictures for you without people in them!


This quilt, more than any other in the show symbolizes what The Villages is all about. You can go anywhere in your golf cart. There are more golf carts than there are golfers. A golf cart acts as a second car.

To make this quilt Donna Wolff took a  picture of her husband in his golf cart and put it on fabric which she placed on the quilt.


The designs on this quilt were done with the embroidery feature on a sewing machine. This was beautifully done.


Here is a close-up of one of the motifs. The dots are each crystals that were applied to the quilt.


This is another image from that quilt. They all have a lot of crystals on them. This was a popular type of quilt at this show.

It takes a very complex and expensive sewing machine, a lot of different colors of thread, a big assortment of crystals, a great sense of design and a lot of time to create something as beautiful as this.

Beth Landas created this masterpiece.

I will be sharing more quilts from the show in future posts.

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