Saturday, January 19, 2013

Studio Closet Organization


I made some great progress on organizing my closet yesterday. The delivery came about 4:30 p.m. so I went right to work.

These are most of my solid color 1/4 yards. I had so much fun refolding them and putting them in the basket. Made me want to start cutting and creating.


This is what the room currently looks like while the reorganization is in process!


This tower of shelves is my answer for using that 26 inches of wasted space to the left of the closet door.

Silly me, I thought I’d get the drawer frames would be all put together. Oh, no – you had to put them together yourself.

After a false start when I put the tops on the bottoms of the side pieces I was able to take them apart and do it right.

It is amazing how much one can fit in a drawer this size.

I also have the makings for another unit this same size. I found out that it was a little too high as there was a closet shelf bracket in the way.

I ordered a 4 runner unit to replace the 7 runner unit and next week I can finish this up.

I’ll use the other 7 runner unit somewhere else is the house.

These are all Elfa drawer components I ordered from the Container store.


Diana said...

The shelving unit in the closet is a Great solution. There are so many closets built this way that I'm sure many quilters will be glad you have shown how to overcome the dark corners,

Julie @ Anglers Rest said...

Well that set of draws fits the space lovely!

Michele said...

I just wish I *had* closets :) They didn't build them 200 years ago!

Mary Stori said...

Perfect answer to your storage problem....and maybe one that I have as well..... Never thought of looking at the Container Store as I haven't seen one around in years now that our shopping experience is limited to KMart, WalMart, or Big Lots up here in dem dare mountains!

Wen Redmond said...

Looks like a great solution and as always. One
Idea gets me thinking.

Annie said...

I love this treatment! Have those kind of spaces in my closets too and didn't know how to do anything with them except to shove stuff in and then it is not useful really. This is terrific! I am going to keep my eyes out for some storage drawers like this! Peace and many blessings, Annie