Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Studio Looks Emptier Today

Yesterday I had a visitor.
She will be a new teacher in a middle school teaching what we used to call Home Economics.
She had asked if anyone had any fabric to share with her so she had fabrics available for some of the 750 students she will teach this year.
Here’s Tara packing up (and counting) all the Malden Mills Polar Fleece I gave her.
Over 50 pieces from as small as 10 inches up to about 2 yards.
Why did I have so much of this? Well I bought it to make scarves and hats for charity several years ago but my intentions were bigger than my accomplishments. I did make quite a few, but the major amount was still here.
Can you believe she will be teaching this many students (of course boys and girls) in 6 week sessions that will include sewing, cooking,, and something else?
When I saw how full her trunk was I thought she’d never get it closed…..but leave it a woman…we know how to pack a car and get everything in.
and this is the back seat!
She took patterns, decorator fabrics, quilting cottons and knit fabrics off my hands.
She took almost 500 things off my hands and I added them to my list of things I’ve purged in 2013!
I’m looking forward to following her teaching career and see what her students make.
In addition to doing their own sewing they will be involved in charity projects. What a great addition to the curriculum.


Sandy said...

What a windfall for this new teacher! How I would have loved to run into you back when I was out scrounging art supplies for my classes. All this will be SO appreciated!

Robbie said...

Great for you both! How exciting for this young lady! Win..win

Mary Stori said...

What a generous person you are Kay.....so very thoughtful!

Celia Ambrose said...

thanks for sharing this! I am selling my home, and need to donate some of my fabric. I will call some schools near me to see if they can use some fabric. Wonderful Idea!

Mary said...

What a nice way to thin out items you no longer expect to use. I remember taking home economics. What do they call it now?

June said...

What a wonderful gift! Y ou are very generous Kay!

Anonymous said...

Besides adding 500 things to your 2013 list I hope you added an amount to your tax contributions list.... this is a great boost to this teacher's year and the kids will learn some great life skills if they try. No reason why you should not take a reasonable amount on your Schedule A next spring.