Sunday, March 2, 2014

MORE Needle Felting With My Embellisher

I am working a series of small needle felted pieces.
These 12 are at various stages of completion. When I am finished there will be about 34 of them.
Each is being done on a fabric swatch and the colors flow through the spectrum.
The designs change as ideas flow in and out.
It is my goal that each will stand on their own as a small precious piece of art and that they will also make a cohesive statement when viewed together.

Mystic Spirit is another piece I needle felted. I painted a piece of silk noil. I laid various fibers on it and needle felted the layers together.
If is framed between 2 pieces of glass. When you hang it on the wall you see a little of your wall color between the art and the frame. The white circle is a reflection of the flash. I have not learned how to take photos of something behind glass without getting that glare.

Simple Elegance is another piece I framed between two pieces of glass. It is made from hand dyed fabric and is fused, machine appliqued and hand embroidered. Another spot from the flash.
A nice feature about framing work this way is that when you add your wall color as the back ground they are great on almost any color wall. This one is not needle felted but shows the same framing method.

A Sacred Place is one of my larger framed works. It is needle felted. There is no quilting. This uses a variety of silks and other fibers. I am in love with the way silk takes color.

Monolith is another needle felted work. I created it with my hand dyed cottons. Again, there is no quilting and it is a larger framed work.


The Inside Stori said...

Can you comment or address the tricks of holding these pieces between 2 pieces of one attempt I couldn't get the 'art' to stay put. Tx's

Kathy said...

Do you use just anything for a base fabric, too? Or do you just add bit to bit to create the fabric as you go? Obviously, these small ones are created on a base...but of what? This is so helpful to me. Thanks.