Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prove Me Wrong!

I got an email from a friend this morning. She told me how she had taken a beginning quilting class. The teacher said you could NOT get perfect points by sewing a block together on the machine.
My friend, a talented professional costume stitcher sewed hers on the machine and they were PERFECT. The teacher said she was lucky…..NO, she was skillful and the teacher was a poor teacher in my opinion.
I had sewn for years before I began serious quilting. I had sewn almost any kind of clothing from the skin out. I had sewn drapes, bedspreads, slipcovers and just about anything you could imagine.
I have sewn almost all my work on the machine. Some things are easy to machine piece and some are challenging. I want to share a few of the more challenging ones with you today.
I didn’t expect all 16 points in the center of this quilt to come together without a hole in the center and knew I could just applique a circle over the center.
There is absolutely NO hole in the center and everything came out perfectly.
I pieced this Mariner’s Compass point with pieces I cut from a border print. It’s hard to tell where the seam is.
When I look at this quilt it is hard to tell where the seams are on the circular border. 
Yes, I can see them on the closeup, but when looking at the entire circle it is hard to find them.
It all depends on where one’s skills are as to whether it is better to hand or machine piece. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.
I try not to say there is only one right way to do something when teaching.
Yes, I share the way I prefer and think will be easiest for my students.
Whether it is piecing skills, quilting methods and designs, or use of color and design I demonstrate what I think works best.
When students question my ways, I always tell them to “Prove me wrong”!
I think that is a good way to challenge them to think for themselves.
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Peggy said...

Sounds like the class was taught by a hand quilter who either wasn't a good machine person or was a Quilting Pharisee. Unfortunately instead of people accepting and appreciating hand and machine work, some people insist only hand work is quilting. Sad. Your points are impeccable and could not be any better if done by hand. For me, getting points by hand was easier because I needed to develop the machine skills to do a perfect 1/4" and pin match before I could get a decent point. But then again, I couldn't sew in a straight line 6 years ago and needed an electronic machine to even begin to get my tension right! Room for all and skill sets for each. We ladies need to be more supportive of one another in everything we do..

Kathy said...

How can any teacher make a remark like that? There is always more than one way to achieve a result and there are skilled people for every technique. Thanks goodness we don't always listen to the naysayers!

Robbie said...

Well said, my friend and well done!!!