Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hearts To You


It’s done, and none to soon.

Happy Valentines Day!

I made a traditional silk screen and printed these blocks on perma-press muslin about 30 years ago. A year or two ago I added them to a batch of ice dyeing I was doing to soften the contrast between the muslin and the print.

They have been on by design wall for months and I decided it was time to add sashings, cornerstones and sew them together to finish the quilt top.

The sashing and cornerstones were all cut from one piece of dyed and shiboried fabric. It WAS a challenge to use the fabric to get the best contrast and balance. I think I did it. I used almost every bit of that piece of fabric.

When my friends were here yesterday I had not started sewing the pieces together. I said I was going to have it done for Valentine’s Day. Someone said “That’s tomorrow!”. I think they didn’t think it was going to happen.

The last seam was done about 11 p.m. last night and I did the final pressing this morning.


Robin said...

This is gorgeous- it looks like it is lit from behind (as if you could see thru the squares). How exciting to use all those pieces and parts that you have saved. I look forward to see how you quilt it.

Marianne said...

Superbe et dans les délais!!!!