Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ice Tapestries And Shibori Quilts–Continued

I have so many people pictures to share and I am happy that they have so many different quilts in them.
I will share some more of these on this blog post.
This is my 10 year old grandson with his favorite quilt – Karma. It is the largest piece in the show at 50 x 103 inches.
My youngest grandson Caleb, my grade school through high school friend Kathy Nyboe Christensen and yours truly. Caleb was 3 on Saturday and was adopted by my son Jeff and his wife Heather this week Tuesday.
Showvalsmithanneterrymeval's daughter
I am visiting with my son’s childhood friends here: Val Smith, Anne Terry Conley and Val’s daughter. The quilt in the background is Red Delicious. It was years since the boys had seen Anne. I didn’t tell them she was coming.
Angie DeJonge with Wendy and Chris Denman in from of Nosegay.
I will be continuing sharing photos from the show as time allows.

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Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Wow that is gorgeous - what a lovely quilt :)