Monday, February 13, 2017

More, More, More From Ice Tapestries And Shibori Show! BECAUSE you asked for pictures and I aim to please!!!

I don’t like to have my picture taken. This is what I consider the best one from all those my family took during the show. I am wearing the silk noil ice dyed jacket I made. I put two pockets in it so I could take pictures. One for my camera and in case the battery ran out, the other one for my iPhone. I NEVER once took either of them out. Geri Krein brought me this gorgeous wrist corsage that coordinated so well with my jacket.
I am standing in front of Nosegay.
My middle child who has a professional sign business made this display board for me to explain briefly what Ice Dyeing is.
Chasing Rainbows 7 is one of two vessels I made for the show. It was purchased by art collectors in Florida and when the show is over it will be shipped to them..
Chasing Rainbows 3
Chasing Rainbows 4
Chasing Rainbows 5
It had been quite some time since I had seen Jan Gerber from Illinois. We both belonged to fiber groups in Illinois.
Soft Touch and Aura
Cindy Bartel was a college classmate of mine. She came all the way from Wausau, Wisconsin to see the show. It had been at least 30 years since we had seen each other.
Because you asked for it I also have a book available with excellent photos of a selection of Ice Tapestries from the show. The photos were taken in my studio and are much better than those taken at the show. I call it a picture book or small coffee table book. If you are tired of dark gloomy weather where you are, the bright colors in the book are a sure was to lift your spirits. I have a limited number of them at $25 plus priority mail shipping. They also make good gifts for your friends.


claudia said...

I have a question...After you soak the fabric in Soda Ash, do you rinse it, or do you just put the ice on top and then the dyes? Thanks for your answer...if you have the time!
I love that tapestry behind you and Cindy! It would be so pretty hanging in a window, if the sun wouldn't fade it out!

Robin said...

Oh I love the pix- you look fabulous. Your jacket is beautiful and the vase is so unique. How do I order the book?

The Inside Stori said...

What a treat to see your beautiful pieces on display…..and of course to see you too!!

Rhonda said...

Wow! These pieces are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!